Our Services

IRS Settlements


Owe the IRS?

We can help you get on an affordable installment agreement and even settle cases for pennies on the dollar for qualified candidates.  

Tax Liens & Levies


We access current tax law and legislative procedure to get wage, bank and property levies released and negotiate a reasonable payment alternative specific to your case.

Delinquent Tax Returns


Haven't filed in years?

We will pull the tax forms on file from the IRS and along with your past records reconstruct those missed returns to get you back on track.

Penalty Relief


The law provides relief from stiff late-filing and non-filing penalties when qualifying conditions exist.  We can help you review your circumstances and obtain a reduction in you balances where applicable.

IRS Office & Correspondence Audits


Tax audits are stressful.

We represent you and your business with the IRS examiner so you can continue to focus on your business.

General Compliance


Tax Return Preparation

Financial Writeup

Consulting & Reporting

We partner to help your business succeed.