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Flowers & Associates Tax Relief

Flowers & Associates Tax Relief has been at the helm of tax relief services since 1996. Over 20 years of service, Kedra has built a professional team that provides expert guidance to taxpayers contending with IRS issues.

As your tax relief team, we develop winning strategies that help you resolve back tax issues and plan for future tax optimization. In other words, our endgame is your success. Contact us today so we can start your case.

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We Believe You Deserve The Best Representation

At Flowers & Associates Tax Relief, We Work To Ensure That You Are Able To:

collection issues

Want To Know How We Can Help? Visit Our Confidential Tax Relief Page To See Everything We Offer, From Tax Relief To CNC Status.

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We pride ourselves on cultivating exceptional client relationships and delivering measurable results.

Choosing us means choosing a strategy custom-tailored to you, with effective representation and specific guidance. Our strategy isn’t about numbers, it’s about your freedom.

We’re here for you—let us know what you need.

“What I Love Most Is Making A Difference In The Lives Of Others. My Goal Is To Use My Gifts And Knowledge To Make Life Just A Bit Less Stressful.”

– Kedra Flowers