My Story


After reviewing the home page, you know a bit about me and what I offer  when it comes to business and taxes.  But I believe there is a new paradigm for business relationships.  In the age of social media, handheld technology, and 24-hour access; true successful partnerships are born from true connections.

With that being said...I want to share a bit about me, the person.  

I'm Kedra, just a down to earth Texas girl who values the simple things in life.  I love to spend time with my son, family and close friends.  Some of my most favorite things are a good book, a nice cigar, and music.  I know, its kind of random, but that's me....  I am a creator by nature.  I love to write poetry, lyrics and jokes.  I have an uncanny ability to seeing God in everything and in everybody, which I believe is my gift.

What I love most  is making a difference in the lives of others.  My goal is always to use my gifts and knowledge to make life just a bit less stressful for others.



 Since 1996, Kedra Flowers, has been providing personalized professional accounting services in the Dallas area. With continued growth, her corporate structure has changed but her commitment to cultivating relationships surely hasn't. At Kedra A. Flowers CPA PC, we value the relationships we've built with our clients, colleagues and partners since that time. We go the extra mile to offer the custom-tailored insight, support, and guidance that you need and when necessary, do not hesitate to connect you with one of our professional partners.

Most of all, as a published author, college instructor and public speaker, Kedra Flowers has crafted her own unique delivery of tax seminars and staff training that keeps learning interesting.  She goes beyond the academia and applies the interpersonal and personality dynamics necessary for any successful negotiator. 

She brings novel insight to staff training and development to ensure that participants leave with a better understanding of their job functions.

Memberships & Accreditations

  • Licensed, Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
  • AICPA - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • National Association of Black Accountants
  • Texas State Board of Public Accountantcy, Registered CPE Sponsor ID 010439
  • Approved IRS Continuting Education Provider

Bookings & Media Contact

Book Ms. Flowers to speak at your upcoming event, facilitate your in-house seminar, or corporate culture shaping.

Contact : 469-449-9833